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my son. >> the five deaths now make 90 homicides on the year for the city of oakland. >>> tempers are flaring right now outside oakland city council chambers and it's getting very loud. chamber doors have been closed, locking people out of tonight's meeting. protestors are upset that city leaders are restricting public access to meetings that citizens have a right to attend. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez is there. what can you tell us about what's going on right now? >> reporter: right now, take a look behind me. you can see several dozen demonstrators on the front steps of city hall. they are relatively calm. but inside, we're told it just got even more chaotic than it's been over the last half hour as the fire marshal just declared that it's unsafe so they are trying to disperse the crowd. these pictures taken about 20 minutes ago. these are folks who were trying to get into the city council chambers, couldn't get in and they are letting the police know that they're upset about it. some of these folks are family members of allen blue ford a man killed in an officer- involved shooti
reporting. >> the city has thrown its hard working officers with a vocation to protect the citizens under the bus with this report. this city is entirely for exampled on persecuting officers and not prosecuting criminals that are preying on the citizens of oakland. >> reporter: barry doneland of the police union says those 44 officers is 8% of the police force but also points out that exactly zero members of the police brass or city leadership, allen, face any discipline for what many people regard as a poorly planned and botched operation in the first place. >> just thinking, joe, about the layoffs at the department has had over recent years, what the morale must be like given in now. >> reporter: then, you know, according to donelan they are ordered into this situation, they spent many hours and many days in a row trying to enforce this encampment and it did get out of hand, and some of them are paying for it. >> they are indeed. thank you, joe vazquez. >>> the couple caught driving the car of a murdered hercules woman will now be charged with her murder. police arrested darnell and ta
area braces for the bustle, cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez reports the city can't wait for the windfall. >> it's going to be very busy and profitable. >> like what, a car payment? >> it could be depending on the car. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: not all this weekend tourists will spend money like sailors on leave but they will leave a major mark. >> it's undeniable. >> reporter: matt of the san francisco travel association says visitors to the city spend about $300 per day. >> about a third of that is spent in the hotels. that means two thirds of it is spent outside the hotels. that's restaurant, retail, museum, galleries, other cultural experiences, transportation. >> reporter: with a million visitors projected this weekend, that's an economic impact of about $300 million per day. >> september was an amazing month for us our busiest month for occupancy since 2009. >> reporter: michael pace general manager of the "w" hotel says october is on path to do even better. >> this could potentially beat the record. we are within a percentage point of out doing ourselves again. >> reporter: the fo
at hayes and market when a passenger got into an argument with the driver. when a city worker on board tried to intervene, the passenger got up and stabbed the guy in the neck with a pair of scissors. that victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. the attacker was arrested. >>> the stakes for california's ballot initiatives couldn't be higher. millions of dollars are being pumped into campaigns in an effort to sway your vote. but as cbs 5 political reporter grace lee reports, it's hard to tell who is signing the checks. >> reporter: that's right. two of the best funded ballot measures are proposition 30, that's the governor's tax initiative, and proposition 32 which would ban payroll deductions for political purposes. now, both are getting a lot of attention because there is so much money involved. this election 290 million has been spent on 11 ballot initiatives. props 30 and 32 got the most a combined $197 million out of that $290 million. and now an unknown group from out of state is contributing millions. it's spurring all kinds of political pushing espec
of officers getting pay raises. cbs 5 reporter da lin on how it could help the city steer clear of a federal takeover. >> reporter: a joyous time for 16 oakland police officers getting a promotion. not only is it a significant event for the officers and their families, it's also a big day for oakland. [ applause ] >> reporter: city leaders can now check off one of the final tasks to prevent a federal take overof the police force. >> negotiate settlement agreement they wanted to make sure that we had one sergeant for every 8 officers and this move will allow us to make that criteria. >> reporter: mayor quan says the city is now down to three or four tasks before it's in complete compliance with the court's mandate. >> this is a step in the right direction. something that was much-needed. >> reporter: city leaders acknowledge these newly promoted sergeants, lieutenants and captains will face many challenges ahead. this department is understaffed and oakland has seen an increase in violent crimes compared to last year. in fact, forbes magazine named oakland the third most dangerous city in the
of it itself. what it does do, it allows the city to commission an $8 million study to say, if we drain this, can we restore the area and find other ways to bring in power and water to the city? shorters like mike marshall say it's time to modernize our water system. >> this is one of nine storage facilities where we store our water. down below here, the river still flows and it will continue to flow once we restore the hetch hetchy valley. >> reporter: politically it's like touching the third rail. >> it is universal. there is not a single elected official in northern california that i'm aware of who is supporting prop f. >> you've been saying this measure f, it's insane, stupid. do you still stand by that today? >> oh, absolutely. when anybody rational looks at it, there is no answer to the cleanest water that this whole state if not the country has with our hetch hetchy water. >> reporter: and while only san francisco residents will vote on this study, it has much broader implications. there are 30 municipalities in the bay area that use water from hetch hetchy, including cities in san m
didn't get to vote. >> reporter: so this is a ballot for alameda county, the city of berkeley, there's four different cards, there's 39 different things to vote on, there's 93 choices including -- well, here's the man running for mayor who calls himself da mayor and he is nextzachary running wolf -- he is next to zachary running wolf and tom bates, who is the mayor. 93 separate choices you have to make. so be prepared to spend some time here. >> i have already pretty well made my mind up on the propositions and the candidates. >> reporter: that's a smart way to avoid spending your entire afternoon down here. here in alameda county, 52% they figure will be voting before election day which means you don't have to pay attention anymore if you don't want to but have to suffer through the ads through the next 29 days. >> take the time and read the voter pamphlet. >> reporter: it will take time to read that, too. >> thanks, mike. >>> duel be debates in san jose today over whether the city should raise its minimum wage. voters will decide on measure d next month. it would set city's minimum
're seeing a live picture now from city hall, where the board could decide tonight if a domestic violence case will cost the suspended sheriff his job. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez has been monitoring the testimony. joe. >> reporter: this hearing is going into its fourth hour now and they are expecting some decision within the next few hours. >> reporter: as suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife looked on the board of supervisors special hearing began with the formal decision from the ethics commission. chairman ben hur told the supervisors how after nine hearings over 5.5 months, a majority of his commission thought mirkarimi was guilty of official misconduct for bruising his wife's arm after an argument on new year's eve before he took the oath of office but hur made it clear he disagreed with his colleagues. >> i think the conduct was morally inappropriate. i think it was wrongful. but there must, i think, be a line between official misconduct and personal misconduct. and i could not find a principled way to make that distinction based on the arguments suggested by the mayor and
have one. >> reporter: whelan is married to rose herrera the district 8 city council incumbent battling nguyen for the seat. he admits to destroying signs on his lawn. >> i go out there and there were two jimmy signs on my lawn. i was taking those and removing them from my property and i was cutting them up and i was discarding them. >> reporter: whelan says he was pushed to the ground and blinded by the video lights. he says he couldn't tell who was there and they didn't identify themselves so he went into self-defense mode. >> certainly didn't put his hands on them. they however put their hands on him and knocked him down and they're cowards. >> reporter: now, both sides in this confrontation claim that they were afraid for their lives yet neither one called 911 immediately. but this morning, mr. whelan did notify police and filed an assault and battery case against mr. derole low and as of an hour ago police were investigating this case. >> just to clarify, if the signs are on his yard, they have a right to do whatever they want if it's on their property? >> reporter: that's right. y
in oakland is a city council candidate robbed at gunpoint. it happened after he attended an anticrime meeting. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez on the robbery right outside the candidate's home. >> reporter: we're in a neighborhood here 51st near broadway. you know, this is not a place where they see a lot of crime but neighbors say they have noticed street crime lately and a man running for city council noticed it firsthand last night. >>> i had the phone with the earbuds in my phone. >> reporter: dan kalb, a candidate for oakland city council, district 1, was just getting back from a neighborhood crime prevention meeting last night around 8:30. he had just parked his car down the block from his north oakland home. >> i felt a poke right about here. >> reporter: what he felt, a robber's gun in his back. >> i thought oh, my god i just came from a neighborhood crime prevention council meeting and here i am now a victim of crime. >> reporter: he says he is okay. the robber took his iphone and wallet and told him to leave. he ran home and called the cops. he now can emphathize with his constituents in
and entertainment reporter. >> all in one. >> paul, thanks. >>> well, if you are brave enough to enter the city on this hectic weekend, avoid those heavy traffic areas. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington rode along with the chp for a preview of those troublesome spots. >> reporter: there are so many events around the bay area, it will be hard to avoid a traffic area no matter where you are but one of the biggest problems behind me. the bay bridge. expected to get very congested especially tomorrow afternoon. so people are advised to give themselves at least one to two hours to get to their events on time. fleet week airshows, america's cup races, 49ers and giants games, just a few of the events happening in san francisco this jam-packed weekend. >> we expect about one million people to come into the city to attend these events. and there's going to be severe impacts to traffic. >> reporter: almost nowhere is off limits. chp officer mike ferguson breaks down some of the problem areas drivers might face. a big one any approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i think it's a safe bet it will be at l
. >> i look forward to working with the mayor, the city attorney and district attorney. >> reporter: but the district attorney had an announcement of his own. >> we're hoping mr. mirkarimi will see the value in recusing himself. >> reporter: george gascon sent the sheriff a letter asking him to recuse himself from cases regarding domestic violence. >> we're questioning his ability to deal with domestic violence matters during the period of time where he is on probation for committing the same type of crime. >> reporter: he has been on probation since march for bruising his wife's arm. after months of trying to get his job back, he succeeded just before 11:00 last night when in a surprise vote four of the 11 supervisors stood by mirkarimi. >> the charges of official misconduct against sheriff ross mirkarimi are not sustained. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: one more than required to throw him out of office. >> we had to make an absolutely clear bright line rule as to how you can determine official misconduct in the future because if you aren't able to do that, then you don't set
will be coming by later t pick:lit -- to pick up litter. >> these prisons are miniature cities. you have trucks and people coming in all day long like any other city and there's a million ways for the inmates to figure out how to get the stuff in. it's a small portion of it what we get. >> reporter: prison officials say they are working one solution, towers that will allow only cell signals from approved phones and say they have already actually begun construction of one of those towers at an undisclosed prison location to be finished at the end of the month and have them in all prisons in 2015. that's a technological solution. not much will stop these employees as these prisoners get inside their heads and convince them to bring them in and smuggle them in. >> it's the modern day file in a cake, the phone. >> thank you. >>> students at san jose state university are getting a lesson in how social activism can create change. now they are using lessons in the real world. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on how students got a measure to raise the minimum wage on the november ballot. >> reporter: studen
oakland city hall didn't take any chances. contractors boarded up all the windows with plywood. other small businesses shut down early. this restaurant closed four hours early. those who chose to keep their normal business hours say it was a slow day. this deli owner says business today is down by about 50% compared to a normal day. >> most of our business is from the business district from this area. so they won't be free to come out and relax. >> reporter: "occupy" protestors say they won't damage any storefronts and say they are against cops not business owners. and there are a lot of police officers in riot gear surrounding this area right now. they are not right next to the protestors so to speak. they are kind of staying back to make sure they don't provoke the protestors. cops are not popular here. they are being depicted a pigs. at 7:00 there will be an anti- police march and rally marching to city police headquarters and back. so that will be centering. we'll see what happens in an hour. one other side note to talk about. in the last year or so, police officers here in oaklan
designer shops and it's set to open november 8. >>> how about this? a bay area city is being called the top turnaround town in america. red-hot home sales are putting oakland on the road it recovery. cbs 5's john ramos on why that could mean good things for the entire country. >> reporter: the most morning indicator of oakland's real estate market is what you don't see here. for sale signs. >> there's not enough homes of up for sale and way too many beyers. the buyers are snapping them up on the market so there's almost nothing for sale. >> reporter: and this realtor says that means multiple offers and higher sale prices. the national association of realtors agrees naming oakland the top turnaround town in america for home prices with sacramento, san jose and san francisco also in the top 5. today a house in oakland will only stay on the market an average of 19 days. just a year ago, it was 52 days. >> it's gone kind of crazy in this area. >> reporter: kristin says it's all about buyer confidence. >> figuring out, gee, that's are the lowest interest rates ever, this is fantastic. what am i
for city council in the history of san jose, fueling attack ads like this one. >> i didn't authorize the message at all. >> do you support it? >> it depends on whether the facts are right or wrong. >> reporter: he fired back saying -- just for political gain. >> it depicted a police officer as possibly delaying response time. >> we're talking about police union tactics and if anybody doesn't think that the police union has been playing politics in district 8, then they haven't been paying attention. >> this is about public safety. the crime rate has increased. >> we're for police and public safety. we just have to be able to pay for it. >> we're talking two different approaches. one that ultimately the voters will have to decide in their very hard fought election. despite the peaceful setting, this is a very tough and nasty battle. >> keep us updated. thank you interest that. >>> the city of san francisco is not welcoming the golden state warriors for a few more years, but architects unveiled plans today for their new waterfront marina. >> reporter: covered with glass, the new basket
. >> the city seeing the biggest boom in new homes in the bay area. >> caltrans employees driving home even running errands on your dime. >> you left your 12 bottles of wine. >> how they made a detour around the governor's order it cut costs. we follow the money coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, billions of dollars in debtt it appears some caltrans employees are making an endn >>> now at 6:30, california is billions of dollars in debt but it appears some caltrans employees are making an end run around the governor's order to cut costs. they were caught on camera buying wine shopping at nordstrom's all on the clock. our sister station in los angeles follows the money. >> i can show it to you right can i show it to you right now? >> reporter: the governor didn't want to look at our video. we caught this caltrans employee buying a case of wine, this one shopping for shoes, this one buying food. all driving away in these $30,000 pickup trucks rented by caltrans with your money. you're on state time. you just bought a case of wine. >> no comment. >> that's a rental right there. >> reporter:
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